As you start to get into the festive spirit and put up your decorations, you might be thinking of adding lights or displays to the outside of your house. The team at JP Franklin Roofing love to see Auckland houses lit up with beautiful lights and displays at Christmas, but we also want to make sure that you are all safe so you can fully enjoy the Christmas season. It is important you prep well and take the right Christmas roof safety precautions. Here are a few tips to make sure your roof decorating goes smoothly…

  1. Make sure all lights and their wiring are in good working condition with no tears or exposed electrical wiring before you get up the ladder! They must also be rated for outdoor use.
  1. Make a plan first of where you are going to place everything and how you will do it.
  1. Ensure your roof and gutter system is clean and clear of dirt, debris, leaves, etc. as these can be a slipping or tripping hazard. Scrape off any moss or lichen.
  1. Make sure you have a sturdy ladder on a flat, level surface away from power lines, electrical equipment, or doors which could be opened.
  1. Know your limits and only get up on a ladder and/or the roof if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, ask a more experienced mate to help out.
  1. It’s probably not necessary to walk on roof as you will only want to make sure displays are visible from street level. However, if you do have to go up there, wear sturdy shoes with a good grip.
  1. Follow all local roofing and safety codes.
  1. Always get someone to assist you.
  1. Attach lights to eaves and gutters using specialised plastic clips or hooks as these will have a less damaging effect on your roof than nails or metal hooks. Don’t use anything that would puncture the shingles (such as staples, nails, or screws) as even a small hole in shingles can lead to further damage and leaks. If attaching clips to gutters, attach them to the drip edge. Alternatively, you can use adhesive strips.
  1. Be careful not to hang anything too heavy that could pull at tiles, shingles, or guttering.
  1. If you find loose gutters or fixtures, get them repaired before continuing to hang your lights.
  1. Make sure lights are secured tightly against the house and that there are no loose wires hanging or parts that could be a problem in windy weather.
  1. Turn lights off when you go to bed or leave the house – or even better get a timer to manage them automatically.
  1. When removing lights after Christmas, be careful not to pull at the wires as this can cause damage to roofing and gutters. Climb a ladder and remove the clips and lights carefully.

So there you have our 14 Christmas roof safety tips, which we hope you will follow so you can enjoy your Christmas holiday this year and stay safe as well as saving money by avoiding unnecessary roof damage.

Merry Christmas from the team at JP Franklin Roofing!

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