If you’re thinking of a renovation or planning for a demolition project in the coming days then surely you must be wondering whom and when to consult. Since asbestos can be dangerous, you should not try to remove it on your own. Sadly, several property owners make mistaken opinions about when asbestos testing is required, and it often ends badly. For asbestos testing, you should always look for a specialist who deals with Asbestos, testing, removal and safely disposing of the asbestos.

What is Asbestos Testing?

Asbestos testing is also termed as Asbestos Survey. Asbestos testing is important as it can assure you that your property is safe to stay in. Since asbestos is a silent killer and can harm you slowly but badly. Asbestos is indeed harmless. Till the time asbestos remains inside the materials it’s used in. But a time comes when those materials disintegrate due to age or are disrupted in the course of renovations or destruction, the harmful fibres can enter the air and become a serious health hazard.

When the harmful asbestos fibres are breathed in, these asbestos fibres stick themselves in the human lungs. Prolonged and extreme exposure to asbestos in the air can lead to multiple health problems including fibrotic lung disease. Even low-level exposure to the harmful asbestos can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, these are the health problems that annually kill thousands of people.

When to opt for Asbestos Testing?

It is always said by experts that asbestos testing is conducted prior to demolition or renovation of the property in order to determine whether asbestos is present in materials that will be disrupted while destruction or renovation. It is always suggested that both an asbestos investigation and air testing in older buildings where asbestos materials may have become damaged due to the ageing factor, as well as after any asbestos material removal or repair, to ensure no asbestos fibres have invaded the air. Also, an asbestos survey is extremely suggested after significant flooding, water damage or any natural catastrophe that disturbs or endangers a building’s structure in any significant way. This is usually the first step before any structural damage assessments or rebuilding can occur.

Reasons why one should have an Asbestos Inspection in their property

One can’t just say about Asbestos by just seeing it
Since Asbestos is commonly located in walls and ceilings, roofing (including corrugated and sheeting), pipelines, fireplace insulation, paints, coatings, floor coverings, and sealants. One can presume that their property has asbestos-containing materials but it must be noted that a professional inspection by licenced and experienced specialists provides accurate identification of harmful Asbestos through laboratory testing. In this way, one can know for sure if there’s any asbestos in their property, where it’s located, and if it is needed to be removed.

Buying or Selling
If you are about to buy a property and planning to move in it then you must go for an Asbestos inspection. Since Asbestos is dangerous and later when you go for any small renovation then it can release harmful fibres which can ultimately risk the life of people living there. Detection of asbestos can assist you in controlling the expenses of any future remedial work.

If you are thinking to renovate your property
If you’re intending to renovate your property or any portion of your property. Also if you are thinking of knocking out a wall, an asbestos survey is a smart investment. Since it is true that Asbestos is not dangerous if left untouched but can be very harmful if it is moved.

If any of these reasons make you think that you should also go for asbestos testing, call us and organise an asbestos inspection at your property as soon as possible. We are here at your service. We are Auckland’s leading firm as we are highly skilled and we potentially work for the dangerous asbestos removal work  which includes Asbestos testing, removal and disposing of that can carry significant risks to human health and the environment. We have certified and experienced professionals to remove asbestos from your residential and commercial building. Contact us today.

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