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Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials used in residential construction. They are popular for their affordability, durability, and ease of installation.

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing Service in Auckland

Asphalt shingle roofing is a popular choice for its affordability, versatility, and durability. These roofing materials are constructed with layers of fiberglass or organic material, coated with asphalt and mineral granules. Asphalt shingles are available in various styles and colors, providing an aesthetic appeal while effectively protecting homes from weather elements. They are a cost-effective and reliable roofing solution for both residential and commercial structures.

About Asphalt Shingle Roofing

JP Franklin Roofing is dedicated to expertly installing, repairing, maintaining, and removing metal roofing. Our team of roofing specialists ensures the use of top-quality materials and solutions that align seamlessly with your home’s style and functionality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is clearly demonstrated in every project, guaranteeing precision and superior craftsmanship for all your metal roofing requirements.

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Our Process

Step 1: Assessment of the Roof

Conducting a thorough assessment of an asphalt shingle roof is a crucial step in ensuring its long-term integrity and functionality. This examination involves a meticulous review of various aspects to identify potential issues that may compromise the roof’s performance. Starting with a visual inspection from the ground, one should look for visible signs of damage, such as cracked or missing shingles, as well as discoloration that may indicate water-related problems. Walking the roof allows for a closer examination of loose or improperly installed shingles, and checking the flashing around penetrations like chimneys and vents ensures a watertight seal.


Step 2: Inspection of the Membrane

When inspecting an asphalt shingle roof, it’s important to note that the evaluation of a membrane is typically not applicable. Unlike flat or low-slope roofs, asphalt shingle roofs do not incorporate a membrane in their structure. Instead, these roofing systems are primarily composed of overlapping shingles, an underlayment layer, and decking. The overlapping shingles provide a protective barrier against the elements, while the underlayment serves as an additional layer of protection between the shingles and the roof deck.


Step 3. Removal of Debris

Clearing debris from an asphalt shingle roof is a vital maintenance task that encompasses the removal of leaves, branches, and other foreign materials from both the roof’s surface and its gutters. This process holds significant importance in preserving the proper functioning of the roof. By eliminating accumulated debris, water drainage pathways are kept unobstructed, preventing potential water pooling that could lead to damage over time. Moreover, ensuring the cleanliness of gutters is essential for unimpeded water flow during rainfall, reducing the risk of water-related issues such as leaks and water damage.


Step 4. Fixing Cracks and Replacement

Cracked or missing shingles can lead to leaks and damage. Timely repair and replacement help preserve the roof’s structural integrity, prevent water infiltration, and extend the life of the asphalt shingle roof. When considering asphalt shingles for your roof, it’s essential to choose the right type, quality, and color to suit your home’s aesthetic and climate conditions. Additionally, hiring a professional roofing contractor for installation and maintenance is crucial to ensure the shingles perform as intended and have a long lifespan.


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