Have you considered metal shingle/tile roofing for your property? Here are a few of the benefits of metal shingle roofing you’ll enjoy:

1. Metal Shingles are Attractive

Roofing technology has progressed over the years, so we now have the luxury to choose which type of roof we’d like, based on how attractive it will be. Metal shingles are eye-catching as they can be created to look like slate, shingles or tiles. You can even choose ones in various colours to match your home’s design.

2. Metal Shingles are Lightweight

You want your roof to be sturdy and secure. However, most roofing materials are heavier, the sturdier they get. Metal shingles are different, because they’re robust and long-lasting, and yet more lightweight than other roofing options. Remember, the heavier the roof is, the more weight the load bearing walls and foundations have to hold. Metal shingles are the lighter option that extends the life of a structure because it puts less pressure on the rest of the building.

3. Metal Shingles Provide Wind Resistance

Metal shingles have interlocking mechanisms that allow for easy installation. The way they interlock also makes them ideal for a roof that needs to withstand strong winds, as well as other weather patterns. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about shingles coming loose, getting damaged from severe weather, or blowing off in strong winds.

4. Metal Shingles are Energy Efficient

Metal shingles are a very energy efficient solution. With heat-reflective coatings, your home will be cooler in the summer, and you won’t need expensive air conditioning systems, which increase your energy bills. Metal shingles are also a fantastic base for solar panel installations, giving a stable, durable, and cool surface for the production of clean, renewable energy.

When the time comes to re-roof your home, or install a roof in a new build, don’t gloss over the possibility of using metal shingles as a roofing material. They’re both attractive and functional, with numerous benefits that other roofing alternatives do not provide.

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