The Influence of Heat on Asbestos Roofs
Asbestos, once hailed for its versatility and durability, has long been recognized as a hazardous material due to its association with serious health risks. However, beyond the health concerns, there's another factor to consider: the impact of environmental factors, particularly heat, on asbestos roofs. While asbestos is highly heat-resistant, prolonged exposure to extreme heat can still cause significant damage to asbestos roofs. In this article, we'll explore the effects of heat on asbestos roofs and understand the potential damage it can cause, with insights from JP Franklin Roofing, a leading roofing company in Auckland.

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Here at JP Franklin, we are certified roofing professionals and adhere to the government-mandated guidelines to make sure safety is guaranteed not only for roofers but our customers as well.

Here are some of the key ways in which heat can affect asbestos roofing:


Hot temperatures make asbestos-containing materials break down faster. This causes cracks, warping, and damage to the roof. It weakens the roof's structure and can let out asbestos fibers into the air.

Cracking and Brittle Roofing:

Long exposure to heat can cause asbestos-containing roofing materials to become brittle, prone to cracking and breaking. This may result in water seepage and damage to the interior. Additionally, cracks may release asbestos fibers into the air, posing health risks to occupants.

Diminished Insulation:

Asbestos roofs are appreciated for their insulation, aiding in maintaining indoor temperatures and lowering energy consumption. However, damage from heat can compromise this insulation, resulting in decreased energy efficiency and higher utility expenses.

Fire Hazard:

Asbestos is fire-resistant, but materials like wood framing or insulation used alongside it may not be. This can increase the risk of fire spreading in the building. Damaged asbestos roofing can also release toxic smoke and fibers during fires, posing health risks to firefighters and residents.

Enters JP Franklin Roofing, a trusted roofing company in Auckland, who offers comprehensive services for replacing, removing, and repairing asbestos from roofs, ensuring the safety and longevity of buildings while adhering to stringent regulations regarding asbestos handling.

Here's how JP Franklin Roofing assists clients in managing asbestos-containing roofing materials:

Professional Inspection and Assessment:

JP Franklin Roofing starts the process with a comprehensive inspection of the roof, evaluating the condition of asbestos-containing materials and identifying any signs of damage or deterioration. This thorough assessment helps determine the required scope of work and allows for the development of a customized plan for asbestos management.

Safe Asbestos Removal:

For structures with deteriorating or impaired asbestos roofs, JP Franklin Roofing utilizes specialized methods and equipment to safely eliminate asbestos- containing materials, mitigating the potential for fiber release. Our experienced team adheres to rigorous safety protocols and regulatory standards to safeguard both workers and occupants.

Replacement with Safe Alternatives:

Following the removal of asbestos-containing roofing materials, JP Franklin Roofing provides various safe and long-lasting replacement options. Whether it involves installing new asbestos-free roofing tiles, shingles, or metal roofing, we assist clients in selecting the most suitable solution based on their aesthetic preferences, budget, and performance needs.

Expert Repair Services:

In situations where asbestos-containing roofing materials remain in good condition but necessitate repair due to minor damage or wear, JP Franklin Roofing offers expert repair services. Our skilled technicians employ industry-leading practices and high- quality materials to restore the roof's integrity and functionality, all while ensuring adherence to safety standards.

Disposal and Waste Management:

JP Franklin Roofing manages the appropriate disposal of asbestos-containing materials following local regulations and environmental directives. We oversee the secure transportation and disposal of asbestos waste to authorized facilities, aiming to reduce environmental impact and adhere to legal obligations.

Compliance and Documentation:

Throughout the process of asbestos removal and roof replacement, JP Franklin Roofing follow all rules and provide necessary documents to show the work was done safely and according to industry standards.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

JP Franklin Roofing provides ongoing maintenance beyond the initial replacement or removal of asbestos roofing, delivering regular inspections, proactive upkeep, and timely repairs to uphold roof integrity. Our meticulous approach ensures durability and functionality, offering clients long-term assurance against unforeseen roofing problems.

In conclusion, while asbestos roofs are valued for their durability and heat resistance, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can still result in significant damage and risks for both the building structure and its occupants. Property owners with asbestos roofs must recognize these potential hazards and implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks, including regular inspections, maintenance, and, if needed, the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials by certified professionals. By comprehending the effects of heat on asbestos roofs, we can safeguard both our health and the environment while ensuring the safety and longevity of our buildings, supported by the expertise and guidance of JP Franklin Roofing in Auckland.

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