Roof Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance and Replacement of Decramastic Tile Roofs

2021-10-07T03:46:44+00:00September 27th, 2021|New Roofs and Replacements, Roof Repair & Maintenance|

Decramastic tile roofing is a compressed metal roofing sheet with high strength steel that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Though this sort of roofing is appealing, it causes a slew of issues for building owners, thus it's critical to get a decramastic roof replacement. If you have an old decramastic tile roof,

Decramastic roof restoration coating & maintenance

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A decramastic roof sheet is formed in the form of 5 tiles and is coated with a bitumen coating with a subtle stone whole enclosed in the coating. The Bitumen layer helps to make it resemble a concrete roof tile. They are lightweight, letting them easily leak and be particularly delicate to weather (primarily

Does your Asphalt Shingle Roof need replacement or repairing?

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Your house is the place where you feel the safest. It takes a lot of time and money to build a house and small things can damage it at a very great speed. So, when it comes to the house then timely maintenance is always the best option to keep your house safe and

Fixing Summer Damage With A Winter Re-roofing With JP Franklin

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If you are planning to upgrade your roof this year then you must ask yourself a question, Which is the best season to upgrade your roof? We are here to answer this question. Summer is considered to be the best time to install a new roof. Roofs are the area of your house which

Things to Consider When Painting Your Commercial Roof

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Now we’re coming out of winter and into the spring, it’s a good time to look at getting all those external jobs done on our properties, such as seeing to our roofs, to ensure they survive many more winters! It’s important to not delay if you have a commercial business in need of roof maintenance. Otherwise,

11 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing or Replacing

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Do you know how to recognise the signs your roof needs repairing or replacing? If you are seeing one or more of these signs, it's probably time to get your roof inspected by a professional. These signs will help you decide whether your roof needs repairing or replacing, depending on the severity. Ignoring these

Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Roof?

2020-11-20T20:54:56+00:00December 15th, 2019|Commercial Roofing, New Roofs and Replacements, Roof Repair & Maintenance|

While commercial roofs are designed to last for decades, no roof can last forever! If your roof was designed or installed incorrectly or is not properly and regularly maintained, it can become worn or damaged and this can shorten its lifespan. It can be hard to know if you should replace or repair your

Safety Tips For Residential Asbestos Removal In Auckland

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Anything built before 2000 could have asbestos in its construction. Most people know that asbestos is a dangerous substance, which is why it’s essential to take the necessary safety precautions if you suspect that there’s asbestos in your house. JP Franklin have a team of experienced and licensed commercial and residential asbestos removal experts who