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Decramastic Tile Roof

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Does Your Decramastic Tile Roof Need Repairing Or Replacing?

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Do you have an old Decramastic Tile Roof that could contain asbestos? Or is your Decramastic Tile Roof weather damaged, rusty, or covered in moss, mildew or mould?

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We specialise in repairing and replacing Decramastic Tile Roofs in Auckland. We can replace your old Decramastic Tile Roof with high quality modern metal roofing or we’re happy to discuss your other preferred roofing materials.

Here we’ve put together a Decramastic Tile Roof Guide to give you more information about this specific roof type …

JP Franklin Roofing Decramastic Tile Roof Guide Auckland

A Little Bit of History About Decramastic Tile Roofs

Decramastic Tiles are scallop-shaped metal tiles also known by other names such as pressed metal tiles, Decrabond, and ‘stone chip roofs’. Decramastic Tile roofs were manufactured and widely used in New Zealand during the 1970s and 1980s. Due to the presence of asbestos, Decramastic Tiles are no longer manufactured and have been replaced by other types of metal tiles. There are still many original Decramastic Tile roofs on properties in New Zealand but as they are particularly vulnerable to deterioration over time, and with new laws in NZ regarding asbestos, there has been a boom in the maintenance and replacement of these in recent years.

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Decramastic Tile Roof Materials

They are made of galvanised steel with a bitumen overlay and were known for being lightweight and easy to install.


While all mastic or bitumen based Pressed Metal Roof Tiles should be suspected of containing asbestos until proven otherwise, Decramastic Tiles are a particular high-risk profile for asbestos.

The presence of asbestos can only be confirmed through sampling and testing by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 and the Approved Code of Practice: Management and Removal of Asbestos.

JP Franklin work with specialist partners to undertake sampling and counts on an experienced licensed team of asbestos removal experts.

See our specialist Asbestos Removal, Repair, and Replacement Service.

As long as asbestos containing roof materials are in good condition and remain undisturbed, there is little risk. However, there is significant risk if tiles become damaged and dislodged and asbestos fibers become airborne.

For this reason, it is very important you do not try to inspect, test, or repair a Decramastic Tile roof yourself.

Check out our Asbestos Roof Guide.

Other Common Issues With Old Decramastic Tile Roofs

Weather damage

Heavy rain, strong winds, high temperatures, and direct exposure to New Zealand’s harsh UV rays combine over time to break down the organic bitumen adhesive layer and degrade older Decramastic Tile roofs. Issues include surface coating damage, dented tiles, loosened nails, chipped paint, and cracks.

Moss, Mildew, and Mould

Algae, lichen, moss, mildew, and moulds easily grow on older Decramastic Tiles. As well as affecting the appearance of the roof, these growths secrete harmful acids which weaken the tiles, causing leaks.


As the metal is eroded, rust can form on the surface (this may be hard to see if there is moss, mildew, or mould growth).

Modern Day Metal Tiles and Metal Roofs

Today there are numerous manufactures of pressed metal tiles; Gerard, MetroTile, Metalcraft Roofing, and others. All use similar technology, with some variations in formulation, and none use bituminous products in their manufacture so are free of asbestos.

If your old Decramastic Tile roof needs replacing, and you still want to go for a metal roof, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Check out our Metal Roof Guide.

Removing and Repairing Decramastic Tiles

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