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Roof Repair Specialists

Welcome to JP Franklin Roofing, your trusted roof repair specialists, serving clients Auckland wide. With extensive years of experience and certified professionals, we take utmost pride in providing safe and quality roof repair solutions.

We Handle Roof Leaks, Damages & Maintenance

With decades of experience repairing roof leaks for residential and commercial establishments in Auckland, we at JP Franklin, understand the challenges of each roofing issue.

Common Roof Problems

longrun iron commercial roof


Roof leaks are the most common roofing problems. Commonly, it is due to cracked flashing, broken shingles, or structural damages to tiles or slate. If you notice any signs of a roof leak, call a professional for a comprehensive inspection.

decramastic tile roof removal and replacement


Flashing is a thin material, usually steel, that professional roofers use to prevent water from coming in. It’s installed on areas around chimneys, skylights, venting pipes, or HVAC areas located on the roof. If not properly installed, it can cause drastic roof problems. For any damaged flashing, contact JP Franklin Roofing.

asphalt shingle roof


Shingles are one of the most durable roofing materials. However, due to heavy storms, debris, sun exposure, or even just the passing of time, it may start tearing off which can lead to bigger roofing problems. Contact us for roof inspection and repairs.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Here at JP Franklin Roofing, we analyse all the problem areas and provide long-term solutions. We make sure to provide durability to your home without sacrificing health and safety.