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Here we’ve put together a Long Run Colorsteel Roof Guide to give you more information about this specific roof type

JP Franklin Roofing Long Run Colorsteel Roof Guide

A Bit of History About Long Run Roofs

Long Run roofing, also known more commonly as corrugated iron or ‘wrinkly tin’, has a long history, although its exact origins are debated. It was first used throughout the 19th Century in the UK for farm and industrial buildings and roofs. It arrived in New Zealand in the 1840s.

Interesting fact: Although we often still use the term corrugated iron, for over a century, there has actually been no iron in corrugated iron! Only steel.

Over 35 years ago, New Zealand Steel began making Colorsteel products from New Zealand iron sand. Technology is used in paint coatings to colour steel. Highly durable paint technologies, baked on to the steel at around 250C, provide additional protection to the frequently aggressive New Zealand weather. The first coat, a primer, aids the steel to prevent the onset of rust, while the second topcoat, is designed to maintain its colour and gloss in New Zealand’s high UV environment.

Colorsteel is the result of extensive research and a rigorous, ongoing testing programme. New Zealand is an innovative leader in the use of waterborne coatings on painted steel, reducing the impact of solvent-borne paint in our environment.

Read more about the history of Long Run roofing in New Zealand.

Long Run Colorsteel® Roof Materials

Long Run Colorsteel roofing is manufactured from long sheets of steel roll formed into different profiles, or shapes. It was first formed as galvanised sheeting, onto which an adhesion layer, colour paint material, and a clear UV resistant layer were applied. The second generation of material used zincalume protected iron sheeting, acrylic layers on both sides (for protection during storage and transit) with the original adhesion, colour and clear coats applied. The latest generation uses zincalume sheeting with a coating surface. As the third generation of material has only recently been released, it is as yet unknown how it will react to weathering in the long-term.


Different Varieties of Long Run Roofs

We work with a range of partners to offer you a wide selection of shapes, thicknesses, materials and finishes to suit your requirements and taste.

Common options are aluminium/zinc (AZ) alloy-coated steel and profiled galvanised (Z) steel in:

  • Trough Profiles – also referred to as RIB, Metdek 500, Dimondek 400, DD400 and Paneldek
  • Corrugated Profiles – also referred to as Custom Orb
  • Trapezoidal Profiles – also referred to as Plumbdek, MC760, T-RIB, Styleline, Veedek, and Trimline

For more information and to browse different varieties of Long Run sheets, visit some of our partner sites:

Metalcraft Long Run product selection

Dimond Roofing Long Run product selection

How Long Does a Long Run Colorsteel® Roof Last?

A good quality Long Run roof has a long lifespan and can last from 25 to 60 years.

Benefits of Long Run Colorsteel® Roofs

  • Robust warranties
  • Attractive appearance
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Highly wind and hail resistant
  • Resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Hundreds of profiles to choose from
  • Great colour range
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-combustible
  • Termite resistant
  • Weathertight and secure (impervious to rain)
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Minimal roof pitch (can be installed on even gently sloping roofs)
  • Long life span
  • Energy efficient
  • All Colorsteel® solutions carry the Environmental Choice NZ license which means they can contribute to the achievement of maximum points in Homestar and Green Star materials credits with NZ Green Building Council.

Common Issues With Long Run Roofs


Some options for long run Colorsteel roofing can be pricier than others. However, this balances out in the long-term due to the durability and long lifespan.


Metal roofs can of course be noisier than other roof materials in terms of rain.

Expansion and contraction – as the metal cools and warms, it can produce a wavy effect. Our products have fastening systems that accommodate this movement.


If a metal roof or the waterproofing membrane is not installed properly they can be prone to leaking. All our roofers are experienced and certified to install Long Run Colorsteel roofs correctly to avoid leaks.


With something hitting your roof hard enough, it is possible that it could leave a dent. This depends on the material and thickness you choose for your roof.


Even though metal roofs conduct electricity, they have not been found to attract it. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that metal roofs may actually be safer during a lightning storms due to the reduced threat of fire and explosion.


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