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JP Franklin Roofing has provided concrete tile roofing services to the greater Auckland area for over 15 years now. We can help with repairs such as repointing, replacing damaged tiles, removing moss and lichen, & painting your roof. We have 6 monthly maintenance plans which you can subscribe to.

We can also remove your old, broken concrete tile roof and replace it with a brand new, aesthetically pleasing, new one.

Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

JP Franklin Roofing has been providing Concrete Tile Roof Replacements for over 15 years. We consider ourselves to be experts in the field. Whether you want your concrete tile roof to removed and replaced with a new style of concrete or even if you want the concrete tiles removed completely and replaced with another style of roof (Longrun, Metal Tile, Asphalt Shingle)  JP Franklin will make sure it is done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible!

Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofs can often become damaged by storms, falling tree branches or by inexperienced workers trying to repair the roof. JP Franklin can help make any repairs you might need to your roof. 

Tile Roof Painting & Maintenance

Concrete Tile Roofs are prone to both building up moss & lichen which needs to be sprayed as well as the paint fading after a few years. Because Concrete tile roofs are quite expensive to replace it is generally better (if the roof is in good condition) to simply repoint the ridge tiles and give the roof a nice new coat of paint.

JP Franklin Provides:

Shingle Roof Replacement

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