What to Look For In Your New Roofs for Residential Properties!!!

Who would not like a beautiful-looking, perfectly designed and well-maintained roof!!! The roofing of your house is not just any decorative item; infact, they are the fifth wall of your house that protects you from all-weather and other outside agents. So before you choose any roof for your house, you need to be sure as to what you want and you should know what to look for in your new roofs for residential properties. Just going into the market and picking one without having a proper idea about it is not the right thing to do.

Today you have so many roofing options that picking the right material for your house is not easy. Research a bit about these and get some expert advice to know what materials for your roof will be best suited for your residential property. If needed, we at JP Franklin Roofing provide you with expert advice about what material will be most suitable for the new roofs of your residential property. We would give you the best solution considering your budget, area, building structure and weather. If your roof is in repairable condition, we can also repair them, and you are good to go with a much lesser investment.

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Do You Really Need A New Roof For Your Residential Property?

Whether or not you need a new roof for your residential property depends on many factors. There can be several things influencing your decision. But before you go for new roofs for your house, figure out what exactly is your reason to go for them. This will help you to understand better what should be your further choice. Here we have mentioned a few reasons to consider whether or not you really need a new roof for your residential property:

  1. If you have irreparable damages– If your roofing has been damaged and can no longer be repaired, it is a sign that it is time for you to get them replaced.
  1. If you are selling your property– Having new roofs can increase the value of your property. Obviously, no buyer would be interested in buying a house with damaged roofing. However, in this case, before investing in new roofing, consider the cost and the return that you can get on them by knowing the value of housing properties in your area.
  1. If you want to remove your asbestos roof– Asbestos can be a harmful material in its free form, and hence you might as well want to remove them safely and replace them with better and safer options.
  1. If your roofs are nearing their manufacturer warranty– Every roof has a lifespan. When it is about to complete its 80% of the lifespan or manufacturer\’s warranty, it is better to get them replaced and get a new roof.
  1. If you want to increase your house\’s aesthetic value– Sometimes, you just feel like replacing your old roof with better looking roofs to increase the aesthetic value of your house, and in this case, you may choose budget-friendly asphalt shingles or costly wood, slate or clay tiles, depending upon your choice, area and budget.

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What Should You Consider Before Getting New Roofs For Residential Properties?

If you are clear that you need new roofs for residential properties, then now you should consider a few things before getting them, like:

  1. The weight of the chosen material– Heavy roofing material would require additional framing so before getting them, consult an expert about how much weight can your building carry for roofs.
  1. Colour & Styling of the roofs- Along with purpose, roofs should also complement your house, so choose the colour and the style according to the ones best suited for your area and home.
  1. The Budget– It is one of the crucial factors when choosing any roofs. Ensure that the one you choose fits your budget and does not compromise on quality and design.
  1. The material should abide by the Fire Resistance Norms-  Your area may or may not be prone to fire breakouts, but every region has some fire resilience norms. Ensure that your roofing material should meet that.
  1. Ease of Maintenance & Installation- Not all materials you choose have an easy installation or maintenance process. So if possible, you should go with the ones that have easy installation or atleast easy maintenance.
  1. Weather suitability– Your roofing material should be suitable to the weather condition of the place so that they do not get damaged or corroded much before the completion of their expected life span.
  1. The Life Span– The lifespan of different materials is different, which often depends on the cost. Know whether you need an expensive material with higher durability or one with lower price and average durability.
  1. Manufacturer\’s Warranty– It is important that you consider the manufacturer\’s warranty while choosing your new roofs.

When you consider these things and think about them, you get a clear idea of what you want or whether or not you need new roofing. Look at these factors, and still, if you are confused, then our experts at JP Franklin Roofing will help you understand what to look for in your new roofs for residential properties. We have a wide range of collections of roofing materials that will suit your need.

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