Homeowners and roofing contractors in Auckland love to be innovative and trendy. You can see this currently, as metal roofing in Auckland has become a popular material used in all new roofing projects. Not only is it sustainable, but it also allows homeowners to add their personality to the design of their houses. Here are more reasons why people choose metal roofing in Auckland:

Metal Roofing Can Handle The Weather

Auckland is known for erratic weather patterns. In fact, you could experience all four seasons in one day before lunchtime. From the high UV radiation from the sun to the humidity, you want your roof to withstand it all. Metal roofs are resistant to harsh winds which uplift asphalt shingles, and hailstones which crack roof tiles on impact. Therefore, making them strong, durable and resilient in any weather condition is critical. They also come with protective coatings, which insulate your home and protect your roof from UV damage.

Metal Roofing Keep Your Home Warm And Dry

A warm and dry home is what everyone needs to live a safe, healthy and comfortable life. If your roof is failing at this, you can fall ill from exposure to the cold and mould spores in the air. Another reason people choose metal roofing is that it insulates your home correctly. The heat will be retained in winter, keeping your energy bills low. In the heat of summer, the harshest UV rays are reflected off your metal roof, keeping the inside of your home cool and comfortable.

Metal Roofing is High Quality

Your roof is an investment. You’ll spend a substantial amount of money on it that will be paid off by it keeping you warm, dry and sheltered from the elements for years to come. A metal roof ticks all the boxes for a price that the majority of homeowners are willing to pay, due to the sheer affordability of it. It’s also long-lasting, lightweight and easy to install. That means that not only do you save on labour costs during installation, but you also don’t need to worry about replacing the roof for many years, or excess weight resting on the structure of your house.


Whether your current roof is in desperate need of replacement or you simply want to increase the resale value of your home, metal roofing is the solution that Aucklanders are using. You need your roof to be robust, resilient and long lasting. Metal roofing fulfils all requirements, as well as being an affordable roofing material. If you need to install a new roof, consider metal. You won’t regret your decision.

For more information see our Metal Roof Guide and Long Run Colorsteel Roof Guide.

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