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JP Franklin Roofing is a Commercial and Residential Roofing Company that has been in the Asbestos Roof Testing business for over 10 years in the greater Auckland area. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for your Asbestos Roof Testing, Survey & reporting needs.

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Where Is Asbestos Found In Residential Properties?

There are many places in a residential building that could contain asbestos, from old Decramastic Tile or Super Six Roofs, Hardies Asbestos Cladding, Soffits, Insulation, Popcorn Ceilings/Texture Ceilings & much more.

This picture from Worksafe NZ explains in a easily understandable way the different locations of asbestos in a residential home. 

Asbestos Locations In A Commercial Building

Since a commercial building is so much larger than a residential building there is a strong likelihood that if it was constructed before the 1990’s it probably contains asbestos somewhere. Common locations include Super Six Roofing (Commercial), Cladding, Guttering, Flooring (asbestos lino), as well as places like boilers, Vinyl and more.

Decramastic Tile Asbestos Testing

Decramastic Tile Roofs or Pressed Metal Tile Roofs from the 1960’s-1980’s are commonly found to contain asbestos (usually Chrysotile (White Asbestos)) You can ready all about decramstic tile roofs in our Decramastic Tile Roof Guide or contact us today if you have any questions about testing your decramstic tile roof for asbestos or removing it and replacing with a brand new asbestos free roof.

Why Should I Get An Asbestos Test Or Survey?

There are multiple reasons you might want to get a suspicious product tested for asbestos such as –

  • If you wish to sell the property: Many prospective house purchasers are requesting asbestos surveys and testing to be done due to regulations around landlords and PCBU’s having tenants in a house that contains asbestos.
  • If your roof is being replaced: If you have a decramstic tile, super six or fibre cement shingle roof then your roofer may require you to get the roof tested for asbestos before any work can be carried out.
  • For Commercial properties: If you own a commercial property then you should be aware of all your legal responsibilities surrounding asbestos in a commercial property. We can help you create an asbestos management plan to meet your legal requirements.

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